Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Oe/1e/BX Mini-adventure:
Tomb of Ludor the Beheader (Levels 8-12)

William over at Ramblings of a Great Kahn is having a one-page dungeon contest with a Viking theme. This seemed the perfect opportunity to create something around the Draugr I statted up. I know that by one-page-dungeon standards, this one is a little skimpy on the number of rooms/encounters. Instead, I kind of wanted to keep it in line style-wise with the other mini-adventures I've been creating, rather than "re-inventing" my format/content just for this contest. If that harms me from a judging standpoint, so be it. But don't be fooled, just because the tomb is only four rooms doesn't mean it's not a difficult one. The draugr alone, though a 10 HD monster, fights much tougher than a 10 HD monster (especially considering its magic armor and naturally low AC makes its AC -9, in its "weaker" form).

The Tomb of Ludor the Beheader
Ludor the Beheader was a vicious warlord renowned equally for his avarice, his strength, and his sadism. Ludor the Beheader, son of Finnur the Wanderer, was alternately known as Ludor the Black (a reference to his steely black eyes), and Ludor the Devourer (a reference to his appetite for wealth, women, and blood).

Click here to download "The Tomb of Ludor the Beheader" from MediaFire.

Note: I updated the file at 8:25 CST on 9/4/12 with changes to a couple of placeholder saving throw notes I had forgotten to finalize. If your downloaded file contains "R2" in the name, you have the most current version. Please feel free to download it again, or simply note all saving throws are now "vs. death ray" (for both the trap in room 3 and the new magic item, sword +2/beheader.)


  1. Excellent adventure. The boat's a nice touch and the consistent beheading theme gives a good (and grisly) coherence to the whole.

  2. Thanks! I find it much easier to sustain this kind of theme over a few rooms. If I tried the same thing over a complete dungeon, it would just be a little much.