Thursday, April 30, 2020

Just a few things to have some new material on the blog for comment spammers to add links to their online betting sites and proofreading software..

This 2-handed +1 sword does 1d10+1 on successful “to hit” roll). At the will of the wielder, the sword shines with light (as the MU spell, must be holding to use) until the sword is unhanded or the wielder dismisses the effect. Once per day, the sword may cast phantasmal force (as the MU spell). This requires holding the sword and maintaining complete concentration (no movement or actions may be otherwise taken or the effect is dismissed).

Barkskin Oil
When rubbed into the skin, this oil toughens the skin for 12 hours, providing a –2 AC bonus for the duration. A standard vial contains enough for a dwarf or larger to use once, and for a halfling or gnome to use twice.

Dagger of Devastation
This humble looking +1 dagger features leather wrapped handle and a small striking rune (similar to an asterisk) on the butt of the hilt. Once per week, is can be used to improve attack and damage rolls for 1 turn. All attacks made while this effect is active benefit from +1d6 "to hit" (rolled with, and added to, the result of the normal d20 “to hit” roll), with an additional 1d6 damage being done on each successful “to hit” roll. While this effect is active, it overrides the +1 benefits of the dagger (i.e., the effect is not cumulative with the +1 bonuses).