Friday, June 30, 2017

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Ghoul/Ghast Generator

I've been on a roll for new d30 charts since the recent NTRPGCon. Specifically, I've been doing a lot of undead related things, many of which are already in the can and ready to be posted over the coming weeks. Per a vote from G+ last night, today's post is the Ghoul/Ghast Generator (to be followed over the next two weeks by Mummy and Spectre variations).

Click here (or on the image below) to download
a free PDF of d30 Ghoul/Ghast Generator PDF from MediaFire.

Friday, June 23, 2017

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Burial Urns

This is revised and updated version of a d30 table I created for my Sunday morning d30 game ("The Tomb of Trianta") at the recently-concluded NTRPGCon.

If we'd had more time (e.g., multiple sessions of dungeon crawling vs. a 5-hour convention game time block), and the party didn't have an aberrational eye beast closing in on them from the hallway outside the mausoleum, they would have had more time to go through the 1d30 urns in the room. Instead, they smashed them in waves, releasing and summoning multiple creatures at the same time.

Click here (or on the image below) to download
a free PDF of d30 Burial Urns PDF from MediaFire.

Monday, June 19, 2017

New B/X Extra-planar Creature: Jikibria

This is another of the creatures from my Fifty Fiends project.

JIKIBRIA (pron. ji-kib-BREE-uh)


Diseased Touch. Although a successful touch attack of a jikibria does no hp damage, there is a possibility it will cause as many as 6 diseases in a victim. The victim gets a saving throw vs. each effect, and contracts all those with failing rolls.
1. leprosy: lose 1d3 hp per day (from bleeding) and unable to heal naturally until cured

2. lycanthropy: as wererat

3. mummy rot: as a mummy

4. plague: loss of 1d3 points of Constitution and unable to get restful sleep (cannot recover lost hp or memorize spells) until cured

5. rabies: loss of 1 point of Intelligence per day until cured

6. tuberculosis: –2 on all attack rolls, +2 AC penalty, and exhaustion (cannot recover lost hp or memorize spells) until cured

Once a creature has been touched by a jikibria (whether it failed any of its saving throws or not), the creature is immune to the touch of all jikibriae for the remainder of the encounter. A single disease cannot be contracted multiple times (e.g., in future encounters with jikibriae before previously contracted diseases are healed). A single cure disease spell will remove all of the diseases. Once cured, lost ability points are regained at a rate of 1 point per day of full rest.

Cause Disease. In lieu of making its touch attacks, a jikibria may use the spell cause disease as a 6th level cleric. This ability is usable as many times per day as the jikibria wishes. Any creature that is currently afflicted by a jikibria’s tuberculosis is immune to this ability.

Disease Immunity. Jikibriae are immune to all disease, both of a standard and magical nature.

Disease Deflection.
In addition to being immune to disease, a jikibria deflects all instances when a disease might otherwise come in contact with it, shirking off the disease magically on a chosen target within a 120' range. This is done as a free action at the moment the jikibria and the disease (or disease effect) come into contact with one another. Targets of the deflection are permitted a save vs. breath to avoid the jikibria’s deflection. If the target fails, it is still permitted any saving throws normally allowed to avoid the original disease or disease effect.

Summon. Two times per day, a jikibria may summon 1-2 other jikibriae with a 30% chance of success.


Appearance. A jikibria would measure nearly 7' tall, if it were able to stand upright. Instead, the gangly jikibria hobbles at a nearly unbelievable speed. The skin of the hairless jikibria is sickly gray mottled with putrid yellow, and the entire creature is surrounded by a sort of membrane sack that is a nearly-transluscent green. This sack is vestigial and self-healing, and while it provides some protection for the jikibria, it affects neither the jikibria’s Armor Class, nor attacks made against it.

Ecology. Jikibriae hail from the 149th layer of the Abyss—a feverish, diseased place where the air is thick and humid. This layer is known by two names—“Innapih” by those who know its ruling demon prince by the name “Asag,” and as “Ganzer” by those who know the ruling demon prince by the name “Nergal.”

Languages. Jikibriae speak abyssal, celestial, and common.

HOME: Innapih/Ganzer
(the 149th layer of the Abyss)
SERVES: Asag/Nergal (Demon Prince of Sickness)

MOVE: 240'(80')
ATTACKS: 1 touch
DAMAGE: Disease
NO. APPEARING: 1-3 (1-6)
SAVE AS: Fighter:6

ACID: Normal
COLD: Half
FIRE: Half
GAS: Half
IRON: Normal
REQ. “T.H.”: +1 or better

Attack modes: all
Defense modes: all
Psychometabolic: all

Friday, June 16, 2017

d30 Feature of the Week: d30 Skeleton Variations

This is a d30 table I created for my Sunday morning d30 game ("The Tomb of Trianta") at the recently-concluded NTRPGCon.

When each wave of skeletons showed up with different runes on their chests, the party was having to constantly rethink their tactics. Also, because characters were created completely randomly at the beginning of the game, there ended up being no cleric in the party... which ventured into a tomb full of undead. That surely didn't help in what ended up as a TPK when the party faced the boss monster (a vampire and once-matriarch of the Trianta family).

Click here (or on the image below) to download
a free PDF of d30 Skeleton Variations PDF from MediaFire.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

New B/X Extra-planar Creature: Holsohr

This is one of the creatures from my Fifty Fiends project.
Please note, it also uses one of my new psionic Treasure Type designations.

HOLSOHR (pron. HOLE-sore)


Silent Scream. Although the holsohr are voiceless, they are able to emit a silent “roar” of sonic distortion in a 60' long radius and a 180° arc. All creatures caught within in the area take take 4d6 damage; a successful save vs. breath halves this damage. This ability is usable 3×/day.

Phobia Aura. In addition to possessing the telepathic devotion phobia ampli cation, holsohr are always surrounded by a 30' radius effect equal to that ability. All creatures caught within the area must make a psionic saving throw or suffer the effects for a duration of 2 turns.

Phobia Reflection. This ability is similar to the illusionist spell alter self, except that all creatures that view the holsohr will see it as the living embodiment of their greatest fear. A psionic saving throw results in the creature being able to see the holsohr as it truly is. This ability is usable 3×/day and has a duration of 1 hour (6 turns).

Cause Nightmares. At will, a holsohr may touch a sleeping victim and cause it to have nightmares. On a failed psionic saving throw, the sleeping victim will be wracked with nightmares and restless sleep. When the victim wakes, it will have gained none of the ben ts from such a period of sleep (e.g., natural healing can- not take place, spells cannot be memorized, etc.). If the victim is woken, the nightmares will be disrupted and the victim may then return to restful sleep. The holsohr must be in the same plane as the actual body of the victim for this ability to work (e.g., the holsohr may not reach into the Prime Material from the Dream Plane to use this ability).


Appearance. These dreadful creatures are a horror to behold. A holsohr’s body is generally humanoid in form, but its extremities feature bird-like hands and feet, its arms and torso are covered with feathers, and it wings are composed of long feathers. The head of a holsohr appears as a human skull with sunken eyes and a ghastly, fang-filled, vertically- set mouth that extends down its elongated neck.

Ecology. Holsohr are native to Melas Oneiros (the Black Dream realm of the Dream Lands)—the place where the most terrifying and dreadful of nightmares are born. In fact, it is believed that the holsohr themselves were born into existence from nightmare.

Holsohr prowl through Dream in search of the unattended bodies of dream travelers, through which the holsohr may escape from Dream into the plane occupied by the sleeper, in order to bring chaos, confusion and mayhem to the waking world.

The holsohr are the sworn enemies of both baku and zowls.

Languages. Holsohr are voiceless, communicating via a form of sign language (unique to the holshor). They do, however, understand common, auran, celestial, nocturne, primordial, and supernal.

HOME: Melas Oneiros
(the Black Dream Realm of the Dream Lands)
SERVES: Phobetor (Demon Prince of Nightmares)

HIT DICE: 7+7*
MOVE: 60'(20')/180'(60')
ATTACKS: 2 claws/1 bite
DAMAGE: 1-6/1-6/1-8
SAVE AS: Fighter:7

ACID: Normal
COLD: Half
FIRE: Half
GAS: None
IRON: None
POISON: Normal
REQ. “T.H.”: +1 or better

Attack modes: ego whip, id insinuation
Defense modes: mind blank, thought shield*
Telepathic: D) thought concealment*, phobia amplification*
Psychoportative: D) dream travel*

* Costs no PSPs to use.