Tuesday, November 22, 2022

How to Become a Werewolf (Write-up)

The person desirous of becoming a werewolf must be in earnest and believer in the power of spirits of nature (druidic magic).

The first thing they must do is go to an uninhibited natural location like an expansive desert, a dense and secluded forest, or the top of a distant mountain, on a night when the moon is new and strong. 

On a perfectly level piece of ground, at midnight, they must make a circle of not less than 7’ in radius and, within this, another circle 3’ in radius. In the inner circle, they must kindle a fire and boil some water in an iron vessel. 

As soon as the water boils, they must throw in the following: a blue lotus bud, 3 ounces of poppy seeds, and a newly bloomed stem of henbane. 

Standing nude over the steam, they must repeat the verse of the Rite of Fanging as they smear the blood of a freshly killed animal (preferably a newborn lamb). 

They must then don a girdle made of wolfskin and drop to their knees within the outer circle as they wait for the wolf spirit to be released within them. 

If the nature spirits deem the subject worthy, the fire will burn blue and quickly die out, transforming the subject into a werewolf.

How to Become a Werewolf

 Just putting this here for later. 

I'm planning on doing a "rite-up" on this later for B/X. (See what I did there?)