Friday, January 20, 2023

Playing Around with AI Images

Thinking about using these to create my first project with a color interior. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Expanded Creature Cache Format

I'm playing around with an expanded format for a letter-sized Creature Cache. Interested to know what folks think.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Now Available! Old School Adventures™ Accessory RS1: Fang, Faith, and Legerdemain


Bring additional dimensions to your classic fantasy gaming! This 64-page book presents players and DMs alike with information to expand the playability and possibilities in their campaigns. It's a cornucopia of information on all aspects of the game including characters, spellcasting, adventures, encounters, monsters and dungeon mastering. This is truly an indispensable resource for the the classic edition Dungeon Master (BX, OSE, LL).

  • detailed and expanded Ability Score information

  • character background generation

  • dual-axis alignment information, including alignments for all standard B/X monsters

  • detailed language information

  • new cleric options for petitions, manufacture of holy water, and turning based on the Hit Dice of the undead creature

  • new options for demi-humans establishing their own clans, including the acquisition and use of clan artifacts

  • new combat options for fighters

  • new magic-user options for cantrips, point-based spellcasting, manufacture of spell scrolls, and familiars

  • new thief options for finding, disarming, and setting traps

  • a system for creating custom character classes

  • expanded weapon and armor information

  • expanded weapon and armor information

  • full rules for hiring and using henchmen, hirelings, mercenaries, and specialists

  • comprehensive alchemy rules, including descriptions for 64 different potions, and potion miscibility information

  • information about animal training

  • new rules for lore checks, reactions, object saving throws, unarmed combat, invisibility, morale, sanity & madness, the effects of alcohol & drugs, and poison use

  • expanded information to assist with monster encounters, and rules for monsters as tribal spellcasters

  • information about adventuring on the various Planes of Existence

  • details about creation and campaign use of artifacts 

  • And much more!

Paperback has cream interior pages.