Monday, August 29, 2022

Combined PD Image

Of the many things I like to do, is taking a number of separate PD images in the same style that might individually not be fantasy RPG appropriate, and then combine and retouch them to make them so. This is one I did this morning.


Saturday, August 6, 2022

Just a few sample pages from CC2: Creature Cache

 Just a few sample interior pages from CC2: Creature Cache.

200 new monsters based on PD pulp images statted for classic editions (OSE, B/X, BECMI, LL, etc.). Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG, and in hardback and paperback from The hardback has white interior pages, and the paperback has a cream interior (nodding to the books pulp roots). Includes new animal-related spells and new psionic abilities for Basic Psionics. (236 pages)

Hardback has white interior pages.

Paperback has cream interior pages.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Now Available! In Alley & Shadow

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Part zine, part mini-splat book, In Alley & Shadow includes a trove of thieves' resources for classic/BX editions... 2 new classes (Spy, Varlet); several new d30 tables (Alias Characteristics, Thieves' Guild Names, Thieves' Guild Events, Bandit Lair Locations), 7 new cleric spells of Truth & Revelation, 9 new magic spells of Stealth and Subterfuge, an alternate house rule for Thieves' Ability to FInd/Disarm Traps, rules for Setting & Resetting Traps, detailed listings for Spy Equipment as well as Chains, Keys, Locks, and Manacles, a Detailed Look at Locks, information on Clandestine Communication (A Guide to Ciphers, Symbols, Codes, and Cants), a Basic Guide to Thieves' Guilds (including Services, Specialist Costs & Fees, Thieves' Guild Activities/Rackets, Guild Organization, and Starting a Thieves' Guild), tables with fees for Assassinations and Spy missions, a guide to Crime & Punishment in the campaign world, advice for Building Better Bandit Encounters, 7 new magic items Designed for Deceptionk, 4 new petty god Patrons of Trickery & Treachery, and a new adventure for 5–7 characters of 3rd–5th level... The Tomb of 13 Thieves.