Monday, May 20, 2019

Dragon Horde "Zine", Vol. 2, Issue 1 — "Wherein Evil Lies"

So here's the final interior preview of the book, and it should be available at the NTRPGCon in a few weeks. It's now 12 pages longer than original expected. Fully written as a BX/BECMI thing.

Now available in print for $6 through >>

And as PWYW PDF from DriveThruRPG >>

  • 3 new classes: Deathslayer, Witch Doctor, Half-orc (Assassin)
  • 9 new spells: fatigue, death rage, mummy's touch, ossify, revenance, wailing fear, necrotic portal, greater ossify, aura of fear
  • 6 new magic items: equinox orb, fiendish mantle, hammer of salvation, plague mace, purity ring, stole of radiance
  • 7 new basic psionic abilities: infuse terror, psychic vampire, destiny dissonance, aura of fear, psionic daze, crisis of breath, shadow twin
  • 6 new monsters: atori, cackler, crypt riddler, korper, hill haunt, spawn of Chuamisi
  • optional rules for killing vampires
  • new petty god & minion: Anguia Umbra (petty god of iophilia, toxicophilia, assassins) and his chimera minion/familiar Azamus
  • an adventure for 5-7 characters of 3rd-5th level: The Black Chapel
  • new d30 tables: quirks caused by becoming unhinged, methods of sacrifice, evil hooks & seeds for encounters and adventures