Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A few new magic items...

Just a few things to have some new material on the blog for comment spammers to add links to their online betting sites and proofreading software..

Visor of the Bat
(Usable by any allowed to wear armor.)
The visor of this simple bascinet helmet features no holes, but is engraved with the face of a bat, its mouth wide open (as if it is screeching). Normally, this helmet acts as a +1 helmet, but when the visor is closed, the helmet emits a soft, high-pitched ringing sound and the helmet provides the wearer the ability of echolocation. Without the use of traditional vision, the wearer is able to "see" in the darkness (using radar-sense provided by the closed helmet) to a distance of 30'. Because the echolocation requires the ringing sound to be effective, the helmet does not work in areas of magical silence.

Dancing Melee Band
(Usable by anyone allowed to use a single-handed melee weapon.)
Inscribed around the circumference of this flat silver band are a series of dancing figures each holding a variety of single-handed melee weapon (e.g., a sword, an axe, a dagger, etc.). During melee combat, the wearer moves so gracefully, they appear to be dancing. While engaged, this provides them a –1 bonus to AC (even against ranged attacks made into the melee), and a +1 bonus on all melee "to hit" rolls. If the wearer is not engaged, the ring provides no benefits.

Armor of Buoyancy
(Permitted to any allowed to wear plate armor.)
The surface of this icy-blue steel +1 plate armor features delicate scrollwork engraving reminiscent of curing ocean waves. Though it normally has the same weight and encumbrance as standard steel plate, it is buoyant in volumes of water or similar liquids (but not in viscous substances like lava, mud, or quicksand). The maximum swimming speed of any character wearing this armor is 30'(10').