Friday, August 5, 2022

Now Available! In Alley & Shadow

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Part zine, part mini-splat book, In Alley & Shadow includes a trove of thieves' resources for classic/BX editions... 2 new classes (Spy, Varlet); several new d30 tables (Alias Characteristics, Thieves' Guild Names, Thieves' Guild Events, Bandit Lair Locations), 7 new cleric spells of Truth & Revelation, 9 new magic spells of Stealth and Subterfuge, an alternate house rule for Thieves' Ability to FInd/Disarm Traps, rules for Setting & Resetting Traps, detailed listings for Spy Equipment as well as Chains, Keys, Locks, and Manacles, a Detailed Look at Locks, information on Clandestine Communication (A Guide to Ciphers, Symbols, Codes, and Cants), a Basic Guide to Thieves' Guilds (including Services, Specialist Costs & Fees, Thieves' Guild Activities/Rackets, Guild Organization, and Starting a Thieves' Guild), tables with fees for Assassinations and Spy missions, a guide to Crime & Punishment in the campaign world, advice for Building Better Bandit Encounters, 7 new magic items Designed for Deceptionk, 4 new petty god Patrons of Trickery & Treachery, and a new adventure for 5–7 characters of 3rd–5th level... The Tomb of 13 Thieves.

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  1. Well, you know, I'm always in for a New Big Dragon product! As a fan since the days of the Honorable Order of the d30, I've picked up the print and the pdf. When can we expect the next issue of Dragon Hoard to come out? :)