Friday, December 23, 2022

Coming early 2023... Old School Adventures™ Accessory RS1: Fang, Faith, and Legerdemain (a B/X Rules Supplement)

So just about the time we finished editing this earlier this year, I decided I wanted to just fold this into a much larger "B/X DMG" with all kinds of additional stuff (e.g., all the thieves' info from In Alley & Shadow, plus I'm working on information about creating pantheons, clerics establishing orders, how to structure settlements and encounters, etc.—you know, the kind of stuff that is the 1e DMG, just for BX). But that's a meaty bite to chew, especially with the demands of work, life, love, other projects, etc. 

So instead, I'm releasing nearly as originally planned. I say "nearly" because I had originally planned to print it as a saddle stitched book to make the feel of the original B/X rulebooks. However, time conspires, so it will be a perfect bound book instead. I'm waiting on proof copies (will take a couple of weeks), and will look to release it just before my new work semester starts in full force (2nd-3rd week of January). 

Here's the finalized Table of Contents.