Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Flash Lingo: A Thieves Cant Dictionary (Free Agnostic Fantasy Gaming Supplement)

"Flash Lingo: A Thieves Cant Dictionary" is the most comprehensive Thieves Cant glossary ever assembled. With over 2,200 entries, this volume has been compiled from historical resources and edited to specifically support fantasy role-playing games. More importantly, it is designed to bring the lexicon of Thieves Cant to life in your campaign world, as an aid for both players and DMs alike. It’s also just a damn enjoyable read!


  1. Very nice . . . are you ever going to publish the Character Class Codex and the Animal Class Codex? After a few years of being gainfully employed and having money to spend, I'm running out of stuff I want to buy on Lulu when they have their occasional 15% off discounts.


  2. Thanks for doing this! I second Akiyama's request!