Thursday, January 19, 2023

Expanded Creature Cache Format

I'm playing around with an expanded format for a letter-sized Creature Cache. Interested to know what folks think.


  1. Generally, looks good. I like the reaction chart, which also suggests tactics even if you're not using it. One thing that I wish more monster entries would cover more is what a lair for a monster actually is. That might require more verbosity than this will allow, or some kind of standardization with an entry for each lair type in the glossary or intro or someplace.

    Also, maybe a nod to Ascending AC somewhere. That wouldn't be as hard to include.

  2. I really REALLY like Creature Cache and Creature Compendium. I've restarted work on my monster book (it's only been 20 years since I started!), and a lot of the inspiration was your work.

    1- To hit chart to the bottom on all pages as a footer. It's awful where it is. It's kinda like a header but it's below the creature name and it's just...there.
    2- "Intelligence: Highly" is weird as heck. I see what you're doing, and it'd work if it was "Intelligent?: Highly", but not as you've got it here. "High" is better.
    3- I really liked the Reactions in Creature Cache. Still like them here.
    4- I "named" each point of morale. I like it better than the raw number. (ie "Fearless (12))
    5- Languages is good.
    6- I'm not sold on "Frequency". I get it has tradition, but it seems like something that almost always ends up being DM fiat. And varies by area.
    7- % In Lair: Meh.
    8- Oh, I just saw the "Large Abomination". Yup, good.

    My big issue is that you've got a three column layout with the non-mechanical text in the center. Stat block to the left, psionics to the right, to-hit up top, and illustration down below. My eye is all over the place.

    Really, really excellent stuff.

  3. The letter size alone sold me, not a fan of digest sized rpg books.

  4. I like the reaction chart. I haven't bought Creature Cache, but I probably will do this year. If you're going to bring out a letter-sized version with this format then I'll buy it in this format.

  5. This looks great. Like the addition of the attack matrix.