Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riot Squad Saturday: Scenarios and Conditions of Victory

In the ongoing series of Saturday posts built around creating the Riot Squad "wargame," today I'll begin to outline what I see as the various game scenarios with some basic goals (conditions?) for victory. What follows are just my initial thoughts, but I only welcome suggestions for other scenarios or variations/changes on the ones below.

In most cases, the following scenarios would have a "duration" of a specific number of turns, except the revolution scenario; I could see that one like playing out like a game of monopoly.

SCENARIO 1A: "Protective" Protestors vs. Police
Protestor Goal: Protect target zone from "invading" force (e.g., eco-protest vs. corporation).
Police Goal: Break protestor zone of defense to occupy target zone.

SCENARIO 1B: "Aggressive" Protestors vs. Police
Protestor Goal: Expand zone of control by increasing protestor population.
Police Goal: Reduce protestors' zone of control (minimize population).

SCENARIO 2: Revolution
Revolutionist Goal: Expand zone of control to entire map.
Government Goal: Quash revolution (eliminate all zones of control).

SCENARIO 3:Traditional Riot
Rioter Goal: Looting and vandalism.
Police Goal: Arrest looters and vandals while keeping collateral damage to a minimum.

SCENARIO 4: Gang War
Gang Goal (Multiple Gangs): Increase zone of control and grow body count of opposition.
Police Goal (Optional): Arrest as many gang members as possible.

I'm not quite sure where it goes from here, but I suppose we'll see!

BTW, how cool is that photo by J. Narrin at the top of this post? And this one...


  1. How 'bout getting media attention as a goal for protestors; riot police want to prevent media access to protestors.

  2. I had some thoughts along that line, but not specifically that. My thinking was that in some of these scenarios, things like media coverage, leadership ability and protestor morale would help the protestors "grow" their numbers, thereby allowing them to increase their zone of control. I could definitely see "media coverage" as a section (bar?) on a tracking sheet for that scenario. Maybe that's what next week's post should be--"influencing factors."