Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lulu Sale + Extra 10% Off =
$6.44 Print Copies of the d30 DM Companion

Lulu's doing it again, so I'm doing it again. I've temporarily discounted the list price of the d30 DM Companion print edition to coincide with Lulu's "Strum a Tune" sale. So when you add Lulu's 20% off with my 10% off, you get the d30 DM Companion for just $6.44 (a $2.51 savings over the standard price.) The sale ends Friday. Use the code CITHARA20 (case-sensitive) when you check out. There's only one use of the sale code allowed per account, but you can use it on your entire basket when you check out.

Check out the d30 DM Companion at Lulu.
You can preview the entire book while you're there!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the Lulu sale and the discounted price. I ordered my copy of the d30 DM Companion today!

  2. Thanks, DH! I hope you enjoy and get some great use out of it! Don't forget to rate it on Lulu after you've received it!