Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Oe/1e/BX Mini-adventure: Þrymjahellir
(for characters levels 4-7)

The other day I wrote about the Great Kahn and his one-page dungeon contest with a Viking theme. And I created The Tomb of Ludor the Beheader centered around my draugr monster stats. Since the contest goes for another couple of weeks, and some others have expressed interest in making more than one submission. I decided to do the same. Again, I looked to one of the monsters from the Creature Compendium, and chose the red dwarf.

Þrymjahellir (Threemyahetler)
When the PCs come across the entrance to Þrymjahellir, they will find two pairs of half-elves in a stand-off. Each pair will claim the others are dopplegangers, and are preventing them from going inside the cave, where they wish to confront a small tribe of red dwarves and reclaim a stolen magic item (an axe named Tuireann).

For the record, the name of this cave, þrymjahellir, is Old Norse for both “cave of thunder” and cave of lies”--a reference both to the deceit happening outside the cave, as well as the occasional "booming" sounds that echo throughout the caverns. (Somebody who actually speaks old norse, or is just Scandinavian is probably going to tell me it means "poopshelf" or something ridiculous - look... Gandalf was old norse dwarf before he was a Tolkien magic-user; it's called creative license!)

Now for a caveat... I did create a 1-page version for the contest, but kept having more and more ideas about stuff I wanted to add. Before I knew it, I had a two page version with some additional adventure seeds for continued stories (the 2-pager also has more treasure). I am making both versions available here, but only the 2-page version will be available on my Old School Adventures™ page.

* 2-page version of Þrymjahellir - click here
* 1-page "abridged" version of Þrymjahellir - click here

And don't forget to look for more free mini-adventures on the Old-school Adventures page!


  1. Poor, sad, lonely 1-pager. The count is 8-to-1 in favor of the "meatier" version; I imagine it will only get worse as time goes on.

  2. From here-on-out I expect any A-Z competetion your enter to include either Eth or Thorn.

    (gotta love the under dog)
    Wynn's digraph (uu) eventually got it's on slot in the English alphabet (w) ... but not Þ

    (In next week's column on modern English, I'll gripe about why "they" ought to be acceptable usage for gender-neutral third-person singular pronouns. )

  3. alas, the thorn is marginalized again: the files download as Þrymjahellir-*.pdf

  4. If anyone is having the same issue with the file name as Me. Welborn, you should be able to copy the word from the header if this post and paste it/replace it in the file's name on your desktop.