Monday, September 24, 2012

Community Geomorph Project Update:
2nd-round of Conversions + Other Community Projects

I know that my last post on this was only this past Thursday and, at one-a-day, that can't be much headway. Well, I knew I'd have a rather busy week this coming week, so I used some free time over the weekend to "get ahead." By "get ahead," I mean finish plowing through the
multitude of submissions from Boric G.

I'll probably take the rest of the week off from the conversions because at this point I'm technically ahead of schedule. I do have some remaining submissions left in the conversion queue, but I'm still taking submissions!!! (see the Community Geomorph Project page for submissions details and links to the templates.)


The Great Kahn's One-Page Viking-themed Dungeon Contest:
You can see my submissions here and here.

Sword & Shield's "Pocket Full of Terror Project":
The original deadline has passed with participation falling short, and I have not seen an update from Fenway yet; he's probably posting one as I'm posting this.

(Officially cancelled due to "vast indifference.")

Rended Press's "The Young Green Dragon Over The Next Hill".:
Mr. Schmeer's last project, "The Trouble With Troglodytes", is in the compiling/editing phase, so he's moved on to this new community project.

The Other Side's "Monstrous Monday":
This isn't so much a community project as it is a "blogfest" set for the Monday of Halloween week.

Dave's Mapper IBD Tile Drive:
Again, not quite a community project, but a good cause. Long story short, Dave is doing a tile for $ pledge drive (benefits CCFA) that ends in the next couple of days. I'm looking at offering a benefit version of the final PDF of the Community Geomorph Project and donating the proceeds to the CCFA, and providing the content to Dave's mapper. (Participants in the NBD Community Geomorph Project will be getting an official email from me later, probably when I send PDFs of your geomorphs for review/approval.)

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