Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cavern of the Darkmoon Talisman
(Preview of Free Adventure Download)

Over the past few months, I've been posting some free "mini-adventures" (see the Old School Adventures™ page). Usually these are 1-3 pages long, including the maps, and contain very topline encounter information.

Partly spurred on by my recent conversion work on the Community Geomorph Project, I'm in a real map-making mood as of late. So I dug out an incomplete cavern map, and started filling it in. Before I knew it, I had all these ideas about the various parts of the cavern. So what I'll be doing over the next few weeks (in addition to the hundreds of other diversions with which I'm currently distracted), I'll be filling in each subsection of this map (pictured above) so that each area essentially becomes a "mini-adventure." As each area's encounters are complete, the PDf for that area will be posted. When complete, the pieces and parts will be compiled into one final "complete" version for download on the Old-school Adventures™ page.

The names and monsters indicated above are subject to change without prior written notice.


  1. Well, that is a damn cool map. As I am a terrible cartographer myself I can just sit back and admire the craftsmanship and then steal it for my own campaign.

  2. This looks like it is coming together as a really fun idea.