Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Free Maps You Might Have Missed

In the earlier days of this blog (which wasn't so long ago compared to some around these OSR parts), I didn't have too many followers (not that just under 100 is "many", but it is way more than 25.) As such, many of my earliest downloads may have gone unseen by many of you (especially because they are WAY down now in the archive of this blog).

These days, I'm smart with my posting labels (i.e., "keywords"), and my blog is now on the roll of many another blogger, as well as great sites like ADDGrognard's Eternal Keep (and I can never thank him enough for all the work he has and continues to put it into that thing.) That means newer posts get seen by many, and downloads like the Hex Crawl Worksheet can go from 0-60 downloads in a matter of hours.

As I've reworked this site (you may have noticed all the new links at the header of this page), there were some old downloads that I've left off the new pages either because A) I just haven't quite figured out where to put them, or B) there's just no room for them... yet. This includes a series I started called "Discovered Dungeons" (one of my earliest starts and abandons on this blog.) I've reposted them here until they find a new home.

Undertemple #1
A map I drew in 1981-2.
Read the story

Download Undertemple #1
Wizard's Keep
Another map I drew in 1981-2,
that formed the foundation of
Module SK1: The Mysterious
Mist of Foxpond

Download the Wizard's Keep
Wolvesey Castle
Based on the actual ruins
of Wolvesey Castle

Download Wolvesey Castle

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