Sunday, June 3, 2012

Citadel of Blood: An RPG Disguised as a Wargame?

Among the motherload of Ares and Space Gamer magazines I bought back in December (you know... the ones that belonged to Roger E. Moore), was the magazine pictured on the right of the image at the left. Ares magazine no. 5, with the game Citadel of Blood tucked in the middle of its pages.

Well, I seem to hit another motherload last weekend in the backroom at HPB... 40 cardboard boxes, each containing an average of 10 boxed wargames.

Yes! I searched through about 400 different wargames, most of which were historical in nature (not my cup of grog.) When it comes to these types of games, I'm strictly a fantasy/sci-fi guy. So in addition to picking up the boxed version of Citadel of Blood (on left in picture), I picked up Worldkiller and Rescue from the Hive.

Citadel of Blood is pretty cool, and I'd be hard-pressed to do a better job of describing the game than this overview at The real potential for Citadel of Blood, though, is that on some level it can operate at a skeletal RPG system that supports solitaire play.

Look for an update on this baby once I've had a chance to run it through a few times, including group and solitaire play.

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  1. I've been hunting for a copy of citadel of blood for several years. Congrats on the find!