Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day to Get Introductory Price + 20% Off
the Print Copy of the d30 DM Companion

Lulu is having a 20% Off Sale that ends today, and starting Sunday, the print edition of the d30 DM Companion will go to its regular price of $8.95. That means today only, you can get the print copy of the d30 DM Companion for just $6.36*. That's just 16¢ over the "at cost" price of the book, and $2.59 off the $8.95 price - a 29% savings!

Use the code CHASE (all caps) at checkout.

Need help making up your mind? Read the reviews...
- Greg Welty's review at
- Fenway5's review at his Sword&Shield blog

Still trying to decide? The ENTIRE BOOK! is available as part of the Lulu preview of the book!

* Does not include shipping charges.

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