Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hex Crawl Week Day 2: Oe/1e/BX Stats for 71 Lycans!
Free PDF - Monster Index: Lycanthropes

I've combed a couple of decades' worth of 1e, 2e and BECMI editions, manuals, appendices, and Drag-mag articles for stats and information on all the lycanthropes I could find, and filled in the blanks with a couple dozen new were-types. In this 4-page PDF you'll find stats for 71 different lycanthropes, including treasure type, alignment, and locales in which they're found!

PLEASE NOTE: Blood not included (it's just for effect in the image.)

Click here to download a free PDF of Old-school Adventure Accessories™
item MX1, Monster Index: Lycanthropes
from MediaFire.

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