Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Download: AD&D 1e Language Crib Sheet

While working on tomorrow's d30 feature (a language generator for the Sandbox Companion), I found myself neck-deep in the list of 1e languages, and which races speak which tongues. If not for Jeff's great 2008 article on Languages in AD&D, I definitely would've drowned in a sea of goblish, orcish and alignment languages. I also got to thinking that this is something players and GMs may not overlook as often if they had a "crib sheet" to quickly reference for "who speaks what" in the game world. So I've created one for the major demi-human and humanoid races.

One observation in addition to Jeff's...
Dwarves (as monster encounters in MM, not per PHB) are the only major race not specifically noted as speaking their alignment tongue.

To download a free PDF of this 1e Languages Crib Sheet from MediaFire, click here.

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