Monday, June 11, 2012

Hex Crawl Week Day 1: Hex Crawl Worksheet
Free PDF Download

This Hex Crawl Worksheet features a letter-sized page with space on the left for 3-hole punching (like the Dungeon Crawl Worksheet), as well as places to note top-level info (scale, region, climate, predominant terrain), list key locations (cities & castles, settlements & strongholds, dungeons & ruins, monster lairs, and miscellaneous locales), and create up to 4 wandering monster charts.

To download a free PDF of the
Hex Crawl Worksheet from MediaFire,
click here.


  1. Thanks! And you're welcome! I made a couple of last minute changes that I think help it out a bit. I had the wandering monster section with only 10 options for each list, but changed it to 12 (obviously you can use any # up to 12 to match a die roll of choice), and I re-ordered the location spots on the left side to a more intuitive flow.

  2. The download link isn't working at this time. Do you have another link?


    1. Fixed. Must have been a glitch in the source file. Took me a while to update it (had to essentially make a new PDF file; simply re-uploading the old file didn't work).