Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hex Crawl Week Day 4: Free PDF
Nimmerland Background and Adventure Seeds

Yes, I did! I actually got it together! Today's Hex Crawl Week entry includes all the content to accompany yesterday's map. Included are background information, adventure seeds, and wandering monster charts for the following areas: Nimmer Isle, the Lower Jungles, the Upper Plains, Pirates Cove, Vamwalye Forest, Bear Canyon, Mermaid Lagoon, Aglar Bog and the smaller surrounding islands (Rock Island, Gold Island and Skull Rock), with seeds for plenty of possible lairs, caverns and ruins, not to mention a hobgoblin tribal war (albeit a small one).

Click here to download today's free PDF of
the Nimmerland Background & Adventure Seeds
(map not included) from MediaFire.

Need to download yesterday's free PDF of
the full-color Map of Nimmerland? Click here
to download it from MediaFire.

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