Monday, December 19, 2011

Starmasters Update: Damage/Effects Scales

As I mentioned in my recent Starmasters playtest update, the two keys to the Starmasters mechanics are: 1) an "Action Table" that serves to resolve combat, skill challenges & contests, and saving throws, while seamlessly incorporating critical failures and outstanding successes (a mechanic I'm particularly proud of), and 2) an "Effects Scale Chart" used to handle any sort of "product" in the game, including weapon strength/damage, as well as the effects of skills used in the game (e.g., the effective quality of a forgery or a security system.) The idea being that the only thing otherwise required at the table would be a couple of stats for your skill, ability, or weapon, and you'd have everything you needed at the table.

Well last night, with the help of a little Python program written by my co-conspirator David Welborn, I think we've managed to create a nice, evenly-balanced "Effects Scale Chart." Now, we've just got to start laying in some weapons against the various scales (e.g., "1dA, 2dA, 3dA, 1dB, et al.) so we can get back to the shooting and the blasting and the killing!

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  1. I must've missed the part during playtesting where Crossbow Davy Crockett lead the Rocket-Squid on an attack from the ruined city.

    [ while not immediately obvious, owl-armor and leather belts provide surprisingly effective protection against weapons of the future ]