Monday, December 5, 2011

New Magic Item: Dagger of Dark Revelation

From the upcoming module
OE1 The Mysterious Mist of Foxpond,
an introductory OE/BX OSR adventure
for characters level 1-3.

This ornate dagger does a base of 1d4 damage, but provides damage and hit modifiers based on alignment: chaotic/+2, neutral/±0, lawful/-2. Additionally, the longer a neutral or lawful character possesses the dagger, there is a chance their alignment will change (to chaotic) without them being aware. Every hour a character possesses the knife, that character (regardless of alignment) must make a saving throw (vs. spells) or be unable to resist the urge to use the dagger to kill the closest living sentient being (friend, enemy or otherwise.)

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