Wednesday, December 21, 2011

d30 DM Companion Update: Treasure/Traps Section Done

I'm happy to report the "Treasure and Traps" section of the d30 DM Companion is complete!

In this section, you'll find...

Magic Items I: Weapons, Armor & Protective Items - 810,000 unique variants for combinations of type, basic properties, physical description and additional properties

Magic Items II: Scrolls - 18,000 variants for combinations of container, protection and spells (MU, cleric and protective)

Magic Items III: Potions - over 1.45 BILLION VARIANTS! for combinations of odor, color, look, taste, effect, container type, number of uses and type of potion

Magic Items IV: Summon/Control/Command Items - 900 variants for combinations of summon/control items (type of item, type of creature)

Magic Items V: Miscellaneous Magic Items - 30 items of miscellaneous type, use and effect to spice up your campaign/adventure

Other Generators in the Section: Treasure Containers and Protection, Miscellaneous Magic Trap Effects, Poisons, Room Traps, Gems & Gem-centric Jewelry (with GP values), and Elven/Dwarven Jewelry (with GP values)

Given that the next few days lead up to Christmas, I'm assuming I won't be back on this until a couple of days after. The next (and final?) section is the actual dungeon generator. I hope to have an update for you by New Year's Eve (which is when I'd love to have this baby finished.)

And, yes, the top of the decanter is a d30. Thanks for noticing.

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  1. very nice still life
    (and I noticed the d30 facet design before I even read a word. nice touch)