Friday, December 2, 2011

27,000 Different Magic Items in 3 Die Rolls!

This week's d30 Feature allows you to generate 27,000 different magic items in only 3 die rolls! (The die does, of course, have to be a d30.)

I've tried to structure the charting to provide as much theme development as possible, while still trying to offer some variety. I didn't want to just randomly assign different properties so that you have a schizophrenic magic item whose origins would be hard to ascertain. So two disclaimers: 1) the items are limited (in these charts) to weapons and armor, and 2) the chart is a little open to interpretation (which I believe these kinds of charts should be.) As an example to the point of interpretation above, during roll 2 (in which the type is chosen), the categories are a bit general (e.g., "humanoid" and "fire-breathers.") My suggestion is, once a GM has discerned all the properties, he/she should feel free to refine them based on the other properties.

Here's a couple of random sets of rolls examples of the vast variety possible:

Roll 1 = 26: item type = scale mail
Roll 2 = 12: basic properties = +2 vs. cold-using/dwelling
Roll 3 = 5: additional properties = +2 save vs. paralysis
You can see how that item as a nice overall theme going for it. And completely random. Now, just fill it in a with some sort of appropriate name (like Draconian Armor of Warmth) and you've got yourself a moderately unique magic item.

Roll 1 = 3: item type = (head) band
Roll 2 = 26: basic properties = +3 vs. humanoids*
Roll 3 = 15: additional properties = +1 WIS
First off, I swear, the headband that provides +1 WIS was totally random! Now, the +3 vs. (all) humanoids is a little strong, so let's go with just orcs, and customize a bit so the WIS bonus is only given to clerics... Voilà! An clerical band of protection from orcs.

NOTE: This set produced the following rolls: 17, 13, 18. I think that because these numbers were so close together, it becomes a strong test of whether these tables work or not. So let's take a look, shall we?
Roll 1 = 17: item type = small shield
Roll 2 = 13: basic properties = +2 vs. giant class
Roll 3 = 18: additional properties = detect type, 100'
I'm seeing this as a Dwarven shield of giant protection.

Now, I'm not saying all of the results will make complete sense. For example, if Roll Set C (above) had produced a 3rd roll of 14, the shield would have granted it's bearer a +1 INT bonus. At first glance, I'm not sure if that makes complete sense or not. We need to put those properties in the right context... so... given that the shield is small, and INT is a prime req. for thieves, which is a typical class for halflings, maybe under those circumstances it becomes a halfling shield of giant protection.

Okay. I'm thinking this works pretty well.

To download a free PDF of today's chart from MediaFire, click here.


  1. This looks pretty handy. For some reason I have stopped hand picking treasure for troves, but hate hate going into the DMG to roll em up.

  2. Thanks! I'm actually working on compiling these tables (and some new ones, like "27,000 Different Classed NPCs in 3 x d30 Rolls") into a d30 gaming companion, for that very reason! Hoping to have about 24 pages of tables (plus cover) in a booklet (8x10.5 - actually printed; not PDF) that sells for about $3. Probably about 6-8 weeks out on that.