Saturday, December 31, 2011

How did I end up with Roger E. Moore's magazines?

I'm not sure if Roger E. Moore sticks out to me from among all the Dragon writers in my early years with D&D because 1) he wrote the articles that meant the most to me, 2) he was one of the most prevalent contributors to the mag, or 3) I liked (Sir) Roger Moore so much in Live and Let Die that anybody with the same name must be pretty cool.

Some of my favorite REM articles from Dragon (in chronological order) were:
Be a Two-fisted Fighter, #68, 12/82
Caped Crusaders and Masked Marvels, #69, 1/83
The Ecology of the Mind Flayer, #78, 10/83

There's also a nice overview of Moore's Astral Plane article from a few weeks back at Grognardia.

So imagine my surprise when (not having thoroughly checked my "new" old issues of The Space Gamer at the store) I got my "new" old issues of The Space Gamer home to find that the stickers on the "protective mailing covers" had the issues addressed to one "Roger E. Moore" of Kentucky.

So how did they get from Louisville, Kentucky to Rockwall, Texas? Hmm.

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