Sunday, December 4, 2011

d30 Companion Update

It seems I'm well underway toward having the d30 DM companion ready in the next couple of weeks! This is no mere compilation of a bunch of numbered (1-30) lists of conditional encounters. These are, in most cases, either 1) true "engines" for creating as much variety as possible in as few rolls as possible, or 2) d30-based mechanics to SIMPLIFY AND SUPPORT the role of the DM/GM.

So far, here's what's prepped. (BTW, each of the following takes no more than 1 page!):

- Classed NPC Generator: (810,000 unique NPCs in 4 x d30 rolls)
- Non-classed NPC Generator: (810,000 unique NPCs in 4 x d30 rolls)
- NPC Attribute Generator: (slot based, for classed and non-classed NPCs)

- Gem & Gem-centric Jewelry: (27,000 unique items in 3 x d30 rolls, including g.p. value)
- Elven & Dwarven Jewelry: (900 unique items in 2 x d30 rolls, including g.p. value)
- Magic Weapons, Armor & Protective Items: (810,000 unique items in 4 x d30 rolls)

So far, this section only includes outdoor encounters with humanoid remains (900) and markers and signs (30). But those two (combined) take up less than half of a page!

I'm hoping to have the entire book ready for press by December 16th. Planning on a printed booklet of 24 pages plus cover (8x10.5 - and yes, printed; not PDF) that will sell for an introductory price of around $3. That's less than the cost of most PDFs! (Look... I'm old-school, like an old-fool. I love my iPad, but prefer paper in my hands at the gaming table.)

Next update to come next weekend.

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