Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Holy Grail of RPG Collecting?

It's not every day you buy something for $2.71 that's worth worth nearly a grand. For me, that day was yesterday. On a seemingly innocuous stop at an indie used bookstore on my way home from jury duty yesterday, I chanced upon this beauty... The Official Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album... UNCOLORED!!! For those in know, that means the difference between $80 and $1,000. Once the store's $5 price was cut in half via my store credit, the addition of tax put the grand total at two dollars and seventy-one cents!!! (And I thought my $4 purchase of The Official Superhero Adventure Game was a good buy.)

I'm not going to go into too much detail about this baby because it's been talked about in these parts a lot recently by the likes of fathergeek and boingboing, centered mostly around the recent post by monsterbrains (who's scanned and posted the entire thing to his blog.)

The review that seems to sum it best for me, though, is from dungeonskull who states that it just might be "the best encapsulation of an 'old school' D&D adventure ever made." Well, let's see... 1) old EGG wrote it himself, 2) there's a quest for loot with no other heroic motive (like rescuing or saving); 3) it features a "well-rounded" adventuring party (fighting man, cleric, thief, magic-user, ranger, dwarf, elf... you get the idea); and 4) it's got classic D&D monsters like a bulette, a lich, a beholder, an umber hulk, a remhoraz, and Tiamat the dragon. Yup. That pretty much sums it up.

Now I know how Jared feels when he finds a safe in the back of a locker on Storage Wars.


  1. Wow, I had no idea these are worth that much. I think my brother has a copy, probably still my at parent's house...I think we colored some of it though. I was meaning to look for it crib the dungeon, and maybe even try the 'game' included some time.
    JOESKY has a nice re-keying of the dungeon...

  2. You've got to love this kind of thing. Congrats!

  3. They're not worth $1000 uncolored. High-end asking prices on Amazon Marketplace are not a good valuation mechanism.

  4. A reasonable valuation would be the $61 price (shipping included) one sold for recently on eBay:

  5. Thanks for info, Guy. I did try to find completed eBay sales, but only seemed to find ones that had already been colored/marked. I somehow missed the one you've noted above (even though I'm sure it was glaring me in the face.) In the end, obviously something is really only worth what somebody wants to pay. I think I'd be hard-pressed to find an RPG collector willing to pay a thousand for this item (I wouldn't have. Honesty, my cutoff would have been around $30.) Also, after a bit more digging, it seems the higher Amazon prices seem to be driven by collectible book dealers who handle underground comics and the like (given that Greg Irons was the illustrator.)