Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Here is the complete list (as I have it) for the "Minions, Knights and Servitors" section of the Expanded Petty Gods book. THIS POST INCLUDES ONLY MINIONS/KNIGHTS/SERVITORS AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY "GODS" (for the list of gods, go here).

If you see a credit that's wrong, or know that one that you've already written/submitted is not listed here, please email copy immediately to pgcopy(at)newbigdragon(dot)com. (PLEASE NOTE: If you share this email, please share it as it appears here and do not add a "mailto:" link; I want to be able to keep this address up as long as possible for this project, and would prefer that the spam-crawlers not find it; thanks for understanding. I'm already getting spam to the pgart email address.)

I will also accept new minion entries IF AND ONLY IF you can finish writing them by this Sunday (December 7th) and have them to me by the time I check my email Monday morning. After that, there is no guarantee they'll be included.

Provide stat blocks as outlined here...
No. Encountered: (as #d# die notation; e.g. 1d8, not 1-8)
Alignment: (single-axis/simple alignment: Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic)
Movement: (as you feel comfortable by your edition; I'll convert)
Armor Class: # (descending; if you list as ascending, please note that)
Hit Dice: #
Attacks: attack type(s) or Special
Damage: #d# per attack type or Special
Save: X# (class and level equivalent; e.g., F12)
Morale: # (LL uses a range from 2 to 12, with 12 being "never fails morale check")
Hoard Class: X, #gp (per LL: AEC system)
XP: # (per LL:AEC system)

Minion/Servitor NameServesWriter FirstWriter Last
Abomination of SkaalSkaalCharlesTurnitsa
Aeshek gods of lost/misplaced thingsPaulWolfe
Ahuizotllake and river godsJohn EverettTill
Angelic Servitor: Antlerfooted Archerpetty gods of the forestEricPotter
Angelic Servitor: Arfixwar gods and gods of battleDarcyPerry
Angelic Servitor: Dianusimmalesser spirits/gods of justiceE.T.Smith
Angelic Servitor: Inflammable ServantVariesMatthew W.Schmeer
Angelic Servitor: Sadepetty gods of the Nine HellsEricPotter
Angelic Servitor: Shaft of Erospetty gods of love, lust, obsessionChristopherPaul
Angelic Servitor: Tanumaru AnyMatthew W.Schmeer
Angelic Servitor: Vedelris Valkayne gods of the fire planesVanceAtkins
Arbitrator of SphereAnyEricPotter
AtacornAtanuweMatthew W.Schmeer
Augenwinkel (Glimmer Faerie)petty gods of small areasChristopherStogdill
Bat-faced Strokechuckers Thwizeviblyz Matthew W.Schmeer
Being of IbBokrugNicolasSenac
Behni the ImpVariesChrisTamm
Blue MaidenAny deity seeking balanceJonasMustonen
Bob the CatYwehbobbobhewyMatthew W.Schmeer
BoglingsClaytonian JP
Brujj (Mallikarri)VariesJamesGarrison
Child of NeubNeubMarkBober
Child of SertettiSertettiEricFabiaschi
Child of the UnderworldUnderworld deitiesRichard J.LeBlanc, Jr.
Child of YeolnumaYeolnumaJamesGarrison
CowieCurdleMatthew W.Schmeer
Cubic DroneHexadronColinChapman
Deiphagous MaggotAny deity of decayLoganKnight
Deus Ex MachinaAnyJonasMustonen
Divine AuditorsWicked SkeinJohn EverettTill
Divine Louse CrabsGods/goddesses of sexualityMatthew W.Schmeer
EditaurVariesRichard J.LeBlanc, Jr.
Elder ThingVariesDavidBaymiller
Eye ImpAnyBoricGlanduum
Favored of YeolnumaYeolnumaJamesGarrison
Flying PolypVariesDavidBaymiller
FruggarKing Shroom, fungi-related deitiesJamesGarrison
Fyre FaeNoxTimBrannan
Ggiyy Jale GodMatthew W.Schmeer
Ghostly Lecher Petty gods of deathMatthew W.Schmeer
Giant Space Baby VariesJonasMustonen
Glimmer PaladinDerral-OrthTBDTBD
Grampajack Entire pantheon of petty godsMatthew W.Schmeer
Gray Messenger Gods of death and destructionTBDTBD
Guardians of LaamPherosathoolaMatthew W.Schmeer
GurgimSpecial (Clerics)JamesGarrison
Heartless DeadAny necromantic deityShadrac MQ
Hound of TindalosVariesDavidBaymiller
InsectmanAny insect-related deityCaseyGarske
Kash-KashAny who'll have itJamesSpahn
Knights of the Carmine IcosagramDiit’WentiiLegion
KthoimVarious unnameable powers probably best left unnamedJamesGarrison
Laughing Cocks of Hellish MirthLesser gods of witchcraft, sorcery and the hellish arts Rorschachhamster
Merkor the ShamblerHas no allegiancesStevenDanielson
Minon of SkaalSkaalCharlesTurnitsa
Miri-NigriChaugnar FaugnDavidBaymiller
Mook of VerthishVerthishMatthew W.Schmeer
Mother of all MinionsVaries (incl. goddesses of fertility)EricPotter
Mouthless TongueTonyaMatthew W.Schmeer
Myrmidons of Paranoid GodsEvolved machine intelligences John EverettTill
NipletethCurdleMatthew W.Schmeer
OkkinCorotus ThallianPaulBrinkmann
Petty ImpAny chaotic petty godJamesMishler
Polisus of the Larder Gods of the butcher or hearth VanceAtkins
Pox KnightOgrimox EricPotter
Puddlegeist petty gods of folly EricPotter
Scarabic Horde (Member)YeolnumaJamesGarrison
Schmetterlinge lawful petty gods and nymphsEricPotter
Sepultural Wyrm Death gods and war demonsE.T.Smith
Servant of Mosht Al BloppMosht Al BloppCharlesTurnitsa
Shadow CreatureCult of the White ShadowCharlesTurnitsa
Shadow SnakeCult of the White ShadowCharlesTurnitsa
Sir DaraneolusChel-KlothDavidHaraldson
Sir GroltDavidHaraldson
“Sir” Jean-Que HeurequequeEricPotter
Sir ZohanAtteMustonen
Space Baby, GiantJonas Mustonen
Sybevmry & Creqvg'nCurdleMatthew W.Schmeer
TaartkinDark forces of failed bakingVanceAtkins
Temple HyenaAny chaotic deityJonasMustonen
TetskuizeFormer minion of CurdleMatthew W.Schmeer
TithonoidAny insect-related deityErikJensen
Twee Philosophers Uroborialis Matthew W.Schmeer
TzitzimineAny chaotic celestial deityJohn EverettTill
Venous Exsanguinator Lords of bloodshedEricPotter
Verdigrim VariesJamesGarrison
Visible Stalker AnyMatthew W.Schmeer
Voormi TsathogguaJamesMishler
Wälläkatütün VerthishMatthew W.Schmeer
Winged MonkeyCorotus ThallianPaulBrinkmann
XinDeath gods and chaotic moon godsRichard J.LeBlanc, Jr.
XulChthonic gods and demon princelingsAlanBrodie
Yeth HoundGods of death and destructionRichard J.LeBlanc, Jr.
Y'koGods of fortuneEricPotter
YnnymTreasure godsMatthew W.Schmeer


  1. It's Matthew W. Schmeer, not Matthew J. Schmeer. But otherwise, thanks, Richard!

    1. Sorry about that. I fixed it in the layout and in the Excel file for the "Petty Gods", but forgot to update the Excel "Minions" file. (Updated above now.)

  2. Is the one you selected the only one you have or just one picked?
    also was bogrump the turnip god and several frog gods written on request (amber one had art done)
    i can ammend or edit or write encounters for any if needed - bogrump was pretty popular in early days

    1. This post includes ONLY minions/knights/servitors. Gods are in the post here:

    2. BTW, I moved Behni into the minions section because it seemed to fit better there.

  3. I could re-edit the what do i do with petty gods essay - has a few typos and i cn write petty gods reaction for them all if you want now i get them

    1. No need to re-edit. It has already passed through one internal edit, and will go through another proof-round before publication.

      As for reaction tables, I'm working on a appendix with reaction tables based on Joseph Campbell's monomyth archetypes (which will hopefully cover most of the bases for personality types, for those petty gods in the book that don't have reaction tables).