Thursday, December 4, 2014

Petty Gods "Minions Speed Round" Challenge

Since I think the "Minions/Knights/Servitors" section of the Expanded Petty Gods book could use a few more entries, and I don't want to have to struggle with getting artwork, I'm going to pull a few public domain images out of the archive and issue a "Speed Round" challenge to write them up. The illustrations below are all by Horace J. Knowles (who I need to feature some time as part of my "Really Old Old-school Artists" series).

Here are the rules...
1. The first person who claims an image via a comment below (one claim per person, please) gets to write it up. (But additional claimers will be considered "Backups" per #2 below.)

2. You have to complete write-up and email it to pgcopy(at)newbigdragon(dot)com by midnight PST tonight (Thursday night).

3. If there's no entry in my inbox when I check email tomorrow (Friday) morning, I will take the entry away and give a chance to the first backup (i.e., second person who claimed an entry) and they will have until midnight PST Friday night to complete the write-up and email it.

4. If no entry is received from the first backup by the time I check email Saturday morning, I'll go to the second backup (third claimer) who has until Midnight PST Saturday to email the entry. (BTW, I'll be up by 6:00 a.m. both Sat. and Sun. this weekend, due to a volunteering obligation, so I'll be checking email bright-and-early.)

5. If no entry is received from the second backup by the time I check email Sunday morning, I'll go to the second backup (third claimer) who has until Midnight PST Sunday.

6. If you have already completed an entry, you are eligible to be a backup (please express that interest when making your first claim). Otherwise, you may only be working on 1 claim at a time. If you want to be considered for more than 1, please list them in order of preference.

7. Use the Lab Lord format for entries as described in the previous Minions/Knights/Servitors post.

Who are the 6 academic minions represented here (assuming person on right is a messenger or similar). How are they known collectively (group name)? What are their individual names? What kind/type of gods do they serve? What is the expertise of each?

Who is the three-headed "knight" pictured here? Whom does he serve (or is he a freelance)? Did he always have three heads? Does his sword have a name? What are the sword's powers?

Who is the alchemist/brewer/apothecary pictured here? Is he an individual? Or is he part of a larger group of alchemists/brewers/apothecaries that serve gods? What kind of abilities does he/do they have?

What is this race of medusal giants called? (I say "medusal" because, well... look at his hair.) What kind of gods do they serve? Attacks? Defenses?


  1. Emailed you back, I can switch to #2.

  2. I'll send you something for #3 if it is still open.

  3. Okay. The only entry still open is Option #1.

  4. Okay. For now, all the entries have been claimed. But, of course, I'm taking "backup" claims in case anybody doesn't come through tonight. Check back tomorrow morning to see if everyone's held up to their end of the speed round bargain! And I'll also be posting some additional illustrations for which entries will need to be written.