Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This is me... begging for art... for Expanded Petty Gods.

Now that the base layout for the "petty gods" and "minions" sections of Expanded Petty Gods is done, I'm going to beg profusely to the OSR community for art help. (This is a community project and I am seeking donated contributions.)

There are currently 60+ gods entries and 30+ minions entries that have not yet been assigned to artists (in addition to the 2 dozen things which are currently assigned and still in-progress).

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If by some stroke of luck I could get 90 volunteers to each contribute 1 piece of grayscale or line art (or 45 artists to each contribute 2 pieces, or 30 to contribute 3 pieces) in the next couple of weeks, then 97% of the art for the entire Expanded Petty Gods book would be complete (and the book would be weeks away from being complete)! [All interior art for this book is B&W/grayscale.]

I do have a list of art needs, which are mostly single-figure images (but see below). As artists volunteer their services, I'm asking their preferences as to content type (e.g., odd/weird, dark or humorous, no females, prefer animals, etc.), then I'm going through the needs list with an editor's eye on tone of entry vs. artist's prefs, then throwing out 3 or 4 possibilities, and the artist can choose from those (or pass, if they prefer). Generally, unless I describe the image need otherwise in the offerings, the format for each piece is an individual w/out a background (this allows me to make the image as large as possible in the limited space the layout offers; putting backgrounds on these figures severely limits how large I can make them). Additionally, I'm trying to keep these on 2-week turnaround before considering re-assigning them. I know people have other jobs and/or commissions, but I also know that this stage is the pitfall that could force this project into eternal 'languishment'.

If you have existing illustrations that could be used as a minion, I'll consider accepting those. These are being used as "filler" to assist page breaks, so there are limitations as to what this kind of minion will be named, and how long the copy for that minion will be (at editor's discretion).

The only other "open" submissions I'm taking right now are cult images. (You can provide any input you want for the cult image you provide, even going as far as to write it up, or you can just send a pic and I'll find a writer to create a cult around the image.)

Anyone kind enough to offer up their talents for this daunting project can email pgart(at)newbigdragon(dot)com with their preferences and links to samples (as a reference for what fits your personal style).

This is a great opportunity for people who are trying out new styles or working on spec stuff for themselves as experiments. (E.g., I noticed Jez Gordon was trying to find a new personal style that wouldn't be so labor/time/computer-intensive; this is a great opportunity for everyone to try something out for themselves while simultaneously contributing to a community project.) This is also a great opportunity for people who are trying to expand their profiles as artists and illustrators (e.g., many of you may know Josephe Vandel as a kick-ass map-maker, but the image above is his illustration (and a very cool one, at that).

Any writers that have contributed to this project who would prefer their entry not appear with a blank space next to it, please add your begs and pleads in the comments section below. [Cue Sarah McLachlan music along with pictures of writers in cages, staring up at the camera with puppy-dog eyes.]


  1. Hi! I'd like a chance to contribute! I'm interested in illustrating sinister undead, demons and weird humanoids with occult tones (male or female). Please contact me at sircorvus AT gmail DOT c0m. Thanks for the opportunity to help out with such an awesome project!

    1. I sent you an email with some options. I know they may not be very sinister/weird, so if you'd rather I keep looking for something else, email me back and let me know. (Right now, I'm playing an odd juggling/balancing game with needs, volunteers, and styles, and trying to keep things as fluid as I can.)

  2. Don't know if I can be of much help, but I'll spread word.

    Hope for the best and a Happy New Year!

  3. I did a couple of pieces for the Deviant Database II and One Year in the Savage AfterWorld. I'd be willing to get an illustration or two done for you.

    1. Hi JD, please send me an email: pgart(at)newbigdragon(dot)com

  4. Jens D sent me here... and I'm happy to submit more art. Send me an email with what you need.

  5. I'm also interested in doing some more art for the project. Not really sure what I'm looking for though.

  6. I'm down. I do illustrations all the time now. Claytonian at the gmail.coms
    I can draw most anything with a body.