Monday, December 8, 2014

Petty Gods "Minions Speed Rounds" Challenge Re-cap

So in just a few short days, you guys have risen to the challenge and written up 12 new minions/knights/servitors for Expanded Petty Gods. I know Matthew Schmeer has posted all of the ones he wrote over at RendedPress, but since the others haven't, below is just an overview of the various items submitted. There is some really beautiful stuff here!!!

Written by Matthew W. Schmeer
Art by Horace J. Knowles

Divine homunculi created by Uroborialis, Petty Goddess of Instinctual Wisdom, to debate the meaning of existence and the means of survival.
Written by Eric Potter
Art by Horace J. Knowles

This self-proclaimed Knight is an outcast, shunned and reviled by his Halfling race. His vengeance is boundless and he will seek to right any wrong uttered against any chaotic petty god.
Written by Garrisonjames
Art by Horace J. Knowles

Dark green-skinned eldritch humanoids descended from several distinct lineages of homunculi (they adamantly deny any relation to goblin-kind whatsoever), the Verdigrim are a people not only devoted to alchemy, they were born of it—they reproduce in batches brewed-up in alembics by secret processes shared only amongst the most accomplished of their kind.
Written by Garrisonjames
Art by Horace J. Knowles

Ruthless idolators and bandits, the Mallikarri only ever worship idols that they have stolen from other people. They never carve their own idols, never name them for themselves; no good comes from a god that was not taken in a raid upon others. They worship any and every Petty God whose idol they can steal.

Written by Matthew W. Schmeer
Art by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

(Minions of Thwizeviblyz, Petty God of Baby Laughter, an aspect of the Jale God)
Despite their bald-headed and bearded fearsome appearance, Bat-faced Strokechuckers are expert ticklers; they can sneak up to any child under the age of 3 and make them giggle with nothing but a soft touch across the chin, brow, or crook of knee or arm. They exist to serve Thwizeviblyz by eliciting peals of child laughter at unexpected moments, and are experts at this task.
Written by E.T. Smith
Art by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Giant pale snakes found creeping in the wake of death gods and war demons, Sepultural Wyrms are cross-dimensional burrowing predators who feed on the despair of warriors fallen in battle. They particularly relish the anguish of defeated heroes.
Written by Matthew W. Schmeer
Art by Reidar Kjelsen

Sybevmry and Creqvg'n are quasi-demonic tail lice who inhabit the tangled, burr-filled tail of Cowie, the emaciated calf companion of Curdle, the Petty Goddess of Blind Milk Maids. Normally the smallest of all known demonic beings, Sybevmry and Creqvg'n spend their time hitching free rides and generally having a life of ease amongst the strands and follicles of Cowie's unkempt hide. However, during the Dark Moon Festival (held every fourteen years in honor of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound) they are granted a boon: they enlarge to the size of small housecats and feed on the blood of the male sacrifices.

Written by Matthew W. Schmeer
Art by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

The four-legged, hand-footed, spear-toting Divine Louse Crabs exclusively serve the gods and goddesses of sexuality, plaguing anyone who displeases them in a multitude of ways.
[Little did Matthew know when he wrote this, I'd already penned a petty god of venereal afflictions and sexual disfunction named Morbiphallugus.]

Written by Matthew W. Schmeer
Art by Franz Graf von Pocci w/ Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

Ynnym are oversized bastard chimeras, having the head of a cycloptic sea dragon, the front portion and tail of a lion, and the rear portion of a donkey. Their bodies are roughly the size of elephants, and the sea dragon's serpentine neck is comparable in size and girth to that of a young giant python. Ynnym are traditionally used by the gods of minor treasures to guard pathways to vaults hidden throughout the wilderness.
Written by Erik Jensen
Art by Arthur Rackham

The murmuroth, also known to some demonologists as the Men of Keroo, are tiny extraplanar agitators who often take contract work from deities who wish to test, motivate, or torture one of their followers.
Written by Darcy Perry
Art by Byam Shaw w/ Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

Arfix are the avenging angels of blades and bows broken on the field of battle. Despite a great deal of theological study on the subject, religious scholars are still at a loss as to which petty deities the Arfix serve.
[I have a bigger plan for this illustration (and the minion as a whole) that involves as many as a half-dozen versions of the listing. This represents only 1 of many potential versions.]

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