Monday, December 29, 2014

Petty Gods "Call for Cults"

Have you written a cult that you'd like to see included in Expanded Petty Gods? Send the text by Friday, January 2 to cults(at)newbigdragon(dot)com. If you have not written a cult, do not tell me you'd like to write a cult or that you have an idea for a cult. Only email me if you have a completely written cult for inclusion. If I do not receive it by Saturday morning (January 3) when I check my email, it will NOT be included.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU SHARE THE EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE, PLEASE POST IT AS IT APPEARS AND DO NOT ADD A "mailto:" LINK! The robots are awful about scouring blogs for email addresses and sending spam.

There's no real format for what a cult listing does/doesn't include (or the order in which it is presented). Generally, the cult entries have an overview of the god(s) (or lack of deity) the cult worships, the organization and practices of the cult members, and there are usually stats for key personnel (treated as monster encounter listings... e.g., stats for priests of various levels, stats for initiates, etc.), and sometimes the addition of new spells and/or magic items (spells and magic items will be moved to a different part of the book, so treat them as separate listings, but within the same document; stats for cult members will stay with listing so feel free to work them in as you see fit).

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