Friday, October 19, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Terrain Features
+ d30 Sandbox Companion Update

First off, a warning: The image at the top of this post is a preview of what will appear in the d30 Sandbox Companion, but the image to the left is a preview of this week's d30 feature download. I put A LOT of time into developing the full page that will appear in the Companion, and I think it would be unfair to those folks who'll actually shell out the dough for a print or PDF copy of the final book. Especially because this is a page I could see people using... a lot. So today, instead of getting a working version of the full page (which is my norm), I'm afriad you'll only be getting a "sampling" (thus the alternative visual format) that includes terrain features and phenomena for hills, swamp, and coastal terrains. Yes, the mountain and forest tables have been excluded from this download on purpose. Sorry. I hope you'll understand, especially since holding back like this is a rarity for me.
Click here to download a free PDF of this
d30 Natural Features & Phenomena Sample from MediaFire.

Now for that update I promised you...

Since the last major update, the Natural Features & Phenomena page is done (obviously), as well as the City Guards, City Watch, Border Patrols page. The NPC background section is also completed and includes the following pages:
- NPC Motivations, Persona, Drivers, Aptitudes, Habits, and Burdens
- NPC Family History, Personal Inspiration, and Talents/Skills
- NPC Physical Traits, Personality, and Quirks

The Weather Generator is well underway; I've finally admitted to myself "it's just going to take 2 pages to do right." I was hoping for 1, but... no such luck.

The Temple Generator page is blank, but I know what I'm doing there; I'm just trying to get the Weather Generator done first since I know it will take a lot more of my attention to complete.

The Shop Stocker is about half-done, but it's probably going to be one of the last pages I finish (especially since it's sort of a no-brainer).

The two Hireling/Henchmen Recruitment pages are in-progress. My thoughts are together on these, but the focus required for finishing them has had me procrastinating on them for months. Really... MONTHS!

Finally, I'm adding a couple of new pages...

First, is a Vegetation Generator. I started this a while back, but felt like it was a bit of filler. With the Natural Features & Phenomena having shaped up the way it did, it now seems more like an expansion of that. (Plus, I have to keep the number of pages to a multiple of 4, so the room for this one "availed" itself.)

My favorite new addition (should I get it to work) is a new page titled Suggested Monster Lairs by Climate/Geography and General Level. This isn't a d30 chart/table per se, but rather a general reference sheet similar to the bottom of the Ruins Generator; it suggests types of monsters and lairs by terrain and party level. This may require a second page (which could possibly supersede the inclusion of the Vegetation Generator).

Oh, I almost forgot...
I still have to finish the Master Wilderness Mapping Key, like the Master Dungeon Mapping Key.

I feel like I'm SO close, but that there's still so much left to do.

And now... so you don't have to scroll back up...

Click here to download a free PDF of today's
d30 Natural Features & Phenomena Sample from MediaFire.