Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free PDF Download: Creatures of the Steppe

I feel bad that the Mongolian adventure design contest over at William's Great Khan's blog is getting off to a slow start. I'm as guilty as anybody else for having trouble getting my thoughts together. So to help us all out, I've put together this Monster Index Supplement featuring stats for key creatures (i.e. "wandering monsters") in a Mongolian steppe environment, including some species specific to the region (like the manul and the argali sheep).

It includes stats for my crimson death worm and khiimori. You'll also see a listing for "phase giant." That full entry is coming on Monday (keep an eye out for it). You might also see the yak-man is missing. I debated this one, but decided they were more of a civilized humanoid than "monster" so they didn't feel like they belonged on the page (but feel free to incorporate them into your designs).

Click here to download a free PDF of this "Creatures of the Steppe"
Monster Index Supplement from MediaFire.

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