Friday, October 5, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week:
Abridged Castle/Stronghold Generator

While I use the word "abridged," this week's d30 feature isn't terribly so... abridged, I mean.

In the d30 Sandbox Companion the full Castle/Stronghold Generator is only 2 pages, and the majority of the first page (80% or so) is taken up by a chart that creates patrol size/composition (based on the resident type for the castle/stronghold). Otherwise, this contains the entirety of those 2 pages (though, it technically is only 60% of the total content of the 2 pages).

I was considering adding a line to give the option of allowing the level of the resident/owner to determine the size of the castle/stronghold, but I think it's much more interesting to let fate decide. For example, "How did that relatively low-level fighter get such a big castle?" (Do I detect the legacy of a coup d'état?) Or maybe, "Why doesn't that high-level fighter have a bigger castle?" (Is he wasteful? A spendthrift? Did he lose a great portion of wealth somehow?) This is something that I think is nicely inherent in the results of the table. Take the following results as an example...

Results: 15th-level cleric; 14-level round keep; old portion=good condition/some age, new portion=newly completed. He's got a rather large place that's mostly new or in good condition; that seems to fit with being a 15th-level cleric. Implications/overall take: this guy's got his shit together.

Results: 16th-level fighter; 2-level round keep; old portion=partially inoperational*/destroyed, new portion=in need of major repair. What's up with this guy? A 16th-level fighter with a crumbling ass keep? Possibilities: 1) he's crazy, 2) he's cursed, 3) it's a retreat of sorts and he's got a better one somewhere else, 4) there's 14 dungeon levels hidden underneat, 5) it's an illusion... and, honestly, I could keep going.

See what I mean?

Click here to download a free PDF of this
d30 Abridged Castle/Stronghold Generator from MediaFire.

To get an update on the d30 Sandbox Companion, read yesterday's post.

*I know this should be "inoperative," as "inoperational" isn't really a word.
This will be fixed for the d30 DM Companion, but will most likely stay incorrect in this PDF/post.

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