Friday, October 26, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Weather Events
+ d30 Sandbox Companion Update

I can't believe I finally finished the freakin' d30 weather charts!!!
Yes, good people of Rhombictriacontahedronland, it's been tormenting me since the inception of the the d30 Sandbox Companion, but it's finally done. This week's d30 feature is the second of the two weather pages I finished this week. It presents a system for determining precipitation events based on the "class" of precipitation for the locale; the class determines both chance for precipitation, and type of precipitation that may occur. The accompanying page from the book (pictured below, but not part of today's download) is the "reference document" you really need for the most effective use of today's precipitation generator download (though the download is still quite usable without it). That reference doc gives mean temperatures (and daily temperature determination options), as well as type of precipitation (by class), for the various climate/terrain/season combinations.

Click here to download a free PDF of today's d30 Weather Events (Precipitation) Generator (pictured at the top of this post) from MediaFire.

So what does that leave to complete for the d30 Sandbox Companion?

Not much, but more than you'd think:
- Master Wilderness Mapping Key
- Temple/Shrine Generator
- Suggested Monster Lairs by Climate/Geography and General Level
- Shop Stocker
- Hireling Henchmen Recruitment

I think we'll be looking at a total of 52 pages, compared to 36 pages in the d30 DM Companion. That's 16 more pages of d30 goodness!

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