Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some More Mongolian Inspiration

The Mongolian adventure design contest over at William's Great Khan's blog is is still a bit slow going (scroll down to bottom of his post). I promise mine is in-progress, William! That's part of the reason I'm making this post today... to show progress.

The image at left is just a bit of an "inspirational" image for all of you. It comes from a 6th-grade textbook from the 30s/40s titled Glimpses into the Long Ago by Edna McGuire (pictures by George M. Richards).

I updated the Monster Index: Creatures of the Steppe. The hedgehog is now a giant hedgehog, the cinerous and giant vultures stats were flipped (now corrected), and I adjusted the surprise roll for the phase giant. The PDF attached to the link in the original post is fixed, or you can download the update from this link.

THIRD THINGS THIRD: Wandering Monster Tables
Since my design is turning out to be more of a setting than an adventure, I've put together some wilderness wandering monster tables to accompany the "Creatures of the Steppe" Monster Index. Please feel free to use or adapt (except illustration).

If you're having trouble deciding whether to get off your butt and get something together for William's contest, check out my 3rd place prizes (picture below) from his viking-themed one-page adventure design contest: a bumper-sticker magnet for his blog, a copy of Judges Guild's Druids of Doom (coincidentally, one of the JG products I didn't have but wanted), another envelope hand-illustrated by William's wife, and sticker of Tiamat from the old D&D cartoon!

Click here
for an overview of the mongol contest prizes.

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