Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Look Inside the d30 DM Companion (Print Version Now Available!): The OGL and "Protected Intellectual Property"

During the development of the d30 DM Companion (now available in print from Lulu.com), I tried to steer clear of those things that would violate the protected intellectual property of the industry's Big Brother. Among other things, that meant staying away from monster names the you-know-who stakes claim to as being "outside of the OGL." It seemed to be a happy accident that when laying out the monster description pages (above) that support the monster encounter tables, many of my "reverse engineered" names fell at the page breaks (and therefore ended up on the page headers. Note the copper colossus, corroder and hobghoul.)

The monster description pages note above are one of the reasons that the d30 DM Companion and a d30 are pretty much all you need to stock a dungeon. Including generating general dungeon features, traps, and treasure. Think of it as the Monster & Treasure Assortment books on d30 crack!

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We're currently trying to finish up the interactive PDF copy, but anyone who buys a print copy will receive a FREE copy of the PDF version. Simply email your Lulu print copy order number to d30dm1@newbigdragon.com, and we'll send you the PDF when it's ready.

And for the first 30 purchases of the print edition, I've got more free buttons! These 1" buttons are designed featuring a white illustration of a d30 on a green background color to match this d30 Companion edition. Simply request the button when you send your Lulu order number for the PDF copy, and I'll snail mail you a d30 button (again, at no additional cost to you.) And if you buy multiple copies, I'll send multiple buttons.

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  1. I'm sold! Excellent job with the design. I thoroughly endorse the use of the d30 as an adjunct to fine gaming everywhere.