Monday, May 28, 2012

Free Oe/1e/BX Mini-adventure (Characters level 8-12)

This was another of the A-to-Z adventures that I mentioned when I posted the free low-level D&D adventure at the beginning of the month. It leans a bit toward BX, but does a little "mix/match" with the monsters and spells (both of which are easily adjusted around your own game, considering the monster stats are included in a framework that supports Oe, 1e, BX, and compatibles.)

The Inexplicable Ice Tower
of Inverlock Isle

The rolling green fields of Orlea, normally aglow with soft sunlight, are blanketed with gray. Clear blue skies have given way to the dismal haze of threatening dark clouds that drizzle cold rain and sleet over the area.

The source of this recent and everpresent gloom is a mysterious tower of ice on a small island in the center of Inverlock Lake. The slender, frosty peak supposedly emerged from the ground and over a few weeks has risen to a height of well over 500'.

No one seems to really know what the tower is or why it appeared, but whatever is happening can’t be good.

Click here to download "The Inexplicable Ice Tower of Inverlock Isle" from MediaFire.

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