Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Few Free d30 Buttons Left! + 20% Off + Another Peak Inside the d30 DM Companion (Treasure Generators) + PDF Update

Let's face it, if you follow the normal treasure type indications for the various monsters in your dungeons, that's a lot of damn dice rolling. Let's look at type A as an example (per the 1e MM). To start with, there are 8 categories of treasure (copper, silver, et al) that each require an initial percentile roll to determine whether each type is present. Then, assuming each type is present, there's another 8 rolls (1 for each type) to determine quantity. Then there's more rolling for type of item, etc. In the d30 DM Companion, I've created a treasure type generator that combines each of those "double rolls" (1=yes/no, 2=quantity) into one roll for each category, based on treasure type. And when you combine that with similar gem/jewelry and magic item generators, it really speeds up the process.

There's also a BX to 1e conversion table, so anyone playing BX can use these same charts to create a comparable treasure horde, based on the treasure types listed in the BX rulebooks.

Use the coupon code MAYBOOKS12 and get 20% off! (Don't worry, it doesn't affect us small publishers/sellers. It comes out of Lulu's pocket.)

My co-conspirator Dave Welborn and I are scheduled to get a working version of the clickable PDF ready by tomorrow. With any luck, we'll get that version done and available through RPGN/DTRPG by this weekend (maybe first part of next week.) Remember, anyone who buys a print copy will receive a FREE copy of the PDF version. Simply email your Lulu print copy order number to, and we'll send you the PDF when it's ready.

While supplies last (I'd set 30 aside), buyers of the print copy get this 1" button designed featuring a white illustration of a d30 on a green background color to match this d30 Companion edition. Simply request the button when you send your Lulu order number for the PDF copy, and I'll snail mail you a d30 button (again, at no additional cost to you.) And if you buy multiple copies, I'll send multiple buttons!

Click here to buy a print version of the d30 DM Companion from

And if you've stuck around and read this entire post, this is a sneak preview to let you know that upcoming I'll be hosting a bit of a contest to win a free copy of the print version of the d30 DM Companion. Stay tuned for details!!!

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