Monday, May 14, 2012

d30 DM Companion Print Version Now Available

I'm happy to announce that the d30 DM Companion is now available in print from at an introductory price of $7.95. The Lulu page features a full visual preview of the entire book. Unfortunately, the Lulu listing is limited in character count, but yesterday's post features a bulleted list of the contents and if you click the image above, you can get a better look at the Table of Contents.

Use the coupon code MAYBOOKS12 and get 20% off! (Don't worry, it doesn't affect us small publishers/sellers. It comes out of Lulu's pocket. And thanks to Chris at Heroes & Other Worlds for the heads up on that one!)

We're currently trying to finish up the interactive PDF copy, but anyone who buys a print copy will receive a FREE copy of the PDF version. Simply email your Lulu print copy order number to, and we'll send you the PDF when it's ready.

And for the first 30 purchases of the print edition, I've got more free buttons! These 1" buttons are designed featuring a white illustration of a d30 on a green background color to match this d30 Companion edition. Simply request the button when you send your Lulu order number for the PDF copy, and I'll snail mail you a d30 button (again, at no additional cost to you.) And if you buy multiple copies, I'll send multiple buttons.

As the week goes on, I'll share some background on producing the companion, as well as announce the next New Big Dragon project. (And it's not the Sandbox Companion, or the PDF version of the d30 DM Companion; stay tuned!)

Thanks for your patience, interest and patronage! Happy rolling!


  1. @Craig - Don't forget to send me your Lulu order # and your snail mail address if you want a button!

  2. hrm. buy from Lulu? Or wait for the PDF? Which one is likely to get it into my hands faster?

  3. @ Keith - I hate to tell you the print copy will probably get to you faster. When you consider that each of the 3 monster encounter tables pages have 120 monster listings that each need to be linked to the appropriate listing in the monster descriptions pages (350+ links) , in addition to the TOC, index and other cross-references throughout the book, plus the proofing and re-proofing to all of those links once their added, it could easily be the first or second week of June by the time we have a PDF that is up to snuff for our standards.

    1. That sounds remarkably tedious. I understand, though.

      It's just a thought, but would you consider an interim document that just presents the tables in text form (possibly with ToC linked), with an update to the linked version to come a little later? I've had PDFs updated after release at RPGNow/DTRPG/Paizo/etc.

    2. I had considered that. As my personal schedule allows, I will try to get set up with RPGNow/DTRPG with a digital copy of some sort. Still may take up to a week, though.