Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Low-level D&D Adventure!

Normally, Friday is "d30 Day" at Save vs. Dragon, but I've been terribly consumed with work and the d30 items I'm prepping (with an eye on the d30 Sandbox Companion) are fairly involved and taking much longer than I expected.

As I mentioned Tuesday's post, I had originally intended "a dungeon a day" for the A-to-Z challenge... until I realized how absolutely ludicrous that would have been to attempt. I did, however, get the first one pretty much done. So with a few tweaks and a few additions, I've finished it and am uploading it for all to enjoy.

NOTE BEFORE FOLLOWING LINK: MediaFire's PDF browser viewer is very buggy and very inadequate. Be sure to hit the "download" button, save the file to your desktop, then view it from a better PDF reader like Acrobat Reader or Preview.

Click here to download "The Auroral Arcazal of Aethaungor" from MediaFire.


  1. When I try it, only the first page is available.

  2. If you're using the MediaFire PDF viewer, try downloading it to your desktop, then opening with Acrobat or Preview. The MediaFire browser PDF viewer is a bit buggy. Also, you're more likely to see the copy in the right typesetting. If that doesn't work, let me know.

  3. FYI, the link has now been updated to go to a "direct download" rather than to a PDF viewer first. This should eliminate any future issues with the link above.