Sunday, September 14, 2014

Updated List of Monsters for the Basic Psionics Handbook

Here's the updated list of monsters I will be including in BX psionics book, which I've given the new tentative title of Basic Psionics Handbook. The final page count is looking to be 52 pages, 14 of which will be just the monster listings.

Astral Gish (OGL Githyanki)
Beetle, Giant Thresher * A
Brain Mole
Cerebral Parasite
Gray Ooze, Psionic B
Intellect Devourer
Intellect Seeker (OGL Ustilagor)
Limbo Gish (OGL Githzerai)
Mind Hunter *
Mind Thresher C (OGL Mind Flayer)
Nightmander * D
Psi-Bat *
Rhino, White (Wooly) E
Shedu, Lesser
Shedu, Greater
Thought Eater
Youree *
Wan-Ti (OGL Yuan Ti)
Yellow Mold Colony B
Zlod (OGL Slaad)
Zowl F

* Oe/1e psionic creatures I've already created for the Creature Compendium
(but will adjust slightly for this specific use)

FF/MM2 Creatures I originally considered dropping, but have decided to include.

A This creature will still be called a "giant flayer beetle" in the creature compendium,
but for consistency sake, will appear in the psionics book with the "thresher" name.

B So named to separate them from their standard BX versions
(even though the Oe/1e versions are already psionic).

C There will no longer be separate entries for the mind thresher noble (OGL ulitharid)
or mind thresher royal (8-tentacled version). Instead, they will be notes at the bottom
of the mind thresher listing.

D The version currently slated for the Creature Compendium is not psionic.
I have added psionic abilities here, but am unsure if I will port those back over to the
Creature Compendium or not.

E Steve Marsh (the forefather of D&D psionics) always wanted the wooly rhinos in
the Expert rules to be intelligent (an idea mocked by Erol Otus), so I intend to honor
this intention by including a psionic version in this book. I've already reached out to
Mr. Marsh to get his input on the abilities I intend for them.

F A new creature I've created just for this addition. I'm unsure if I will
port it over to the Creature Compendium or not.


  1. Love that title! Can't to get hands on this book.

  2. I have to agree. Psionics have never really caught my fancy, but your version of it is making me yearn.