Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BX Psionics System Odds 'n Ends

Just a few things in progress...

1. A Sample Monster Stat Block
I really worked to make this take as little space as possible, and list only the truly pertinent information (in the BX spirit). If you want to see the working list of monsters I'm aiming for, check out yesterday's post. BTW, the limbo raider is going to be my attempt at an OGL githzerai.

2. Alternate Discipline Acquisition Models
I've really tried to honor a statement Steve Marsh made in an email responding to some questions I posed him about his original intentions for the mystic class (prior to psionics inclusion in Eldritch Wizardry, "Major powers correspond to the chachras and the traditional powers so that each character had a consistent core." Normally, in my system, mystics may attain the first five chakras in any order, and only after attaining the first five can the sixth (third eye) chakra be known. I'm including 2 alternate systems for the acquisition of the various disciplines. The first (FIGURE A) still allows the mystic to choose any of the five basic chakras first, but (upon reaching the appropriate levels) may only learn additional disciplines which are directly connected to a discipline already known. Again, after attaining all five, he or she may then know the third eye chakra. The second alternate system (FIGURE B) is a strict adherence to "chakra building block" concept... start with the most basic (root) chakra, then "build up" from there. In this case, the 6 chakras are attained in a very strict hierarchy.

3. Other General Notes

a) I'm including wild psionics in an appendix. I don't really like the idea of them, but am making them available for DMs who do.

b) I'm including an appendix section with general information on the 7th (crown) chakra. I see these as abilities related to attaining divinity, which makes them generally too high level for my conception of BX D&D. In general, I imagine the abilities accessed by the crown chakra will feel similar to abilities from the BECMI Immortal rules (e.g., the creation and changing of matter, energy, thought, and time).

c) The mystic class, abilities listing/descriptions, and psionic combat information are coming in around 28-29 pages. With all of the intended appendix information, the book will come in between 44 and 48 pages (trying to keep it to 44, if possible).


  1. Please hurry...I'm drooling over here! If you want a playtesters/proofer/fan boy, let me know. ;-)

  2. I'm in for play testing too! Please let me know where to buy this supplement book.