Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another one of those updates
about where I am on everything...

Since the header for this post says it all, I'll just dig into the updates...

Basic Psionics Handbook
Close to having the final monster descriptions done. This week I wrote up the descriptions for the following: ki-rin, limbo gish (OGL githzerai), mind thresher (OGL mind flayer), neothelid, opinicus, ro'tha, shedu (lesser & greater), and all the zzlahds (OGL versions of slaads, including red, blue, green, gray, black and white; the white is an addition of mine). By the way, the ro'tha (prounounced ROH-tchick-chah, based on an African dialect) are based on the intelligent wooly rhino concept that Steve Marsh wanted to include in the Cook/Marsh Expert rulebook, but caught shit from Erol Otus on it, so the idea was dropped. As I've been working on it, I've been passing drafts to Mr. Marsh and getting his input on them. (How cool is that?)

Creature Compendium
As I've mentioned before, most of what's left here are some illustrations. This week I did the following illustrations and got them into the layout: dunter/redcap goblin (this is like the 4th time I've redrawn this one, and I'm FINALLY happy with it), hyrcinian bird (a small bird that "glows in the dark"), the jogahs (3 types in 1 illustration; again, this is one I've redrawn several times; I'm still not super-happy with it, but feel like it's as close as I'm going to get for now), and the lympago (a.k.a. mantygre).

New Character Classes
I'm almost finished with a new Egyptian priest class I'm tentatively calling the "wenwet." It's actually part magic-user and part cleric (e.g., they have the ability to heal, create illusions, create dimension doors, part water, move earth, etc.) It's actually intended for Dragon Horde #4. I know what you're thinking, "Did I miss Dragon Horde #3? Nope. Still working on that one too, but I already have satyr and faun classes slated for that issue. Besides, I'm looking at Dragon Horde #4 being an Egyptian-themed issue that will support adventure extensions from The Ogress of Anubis. BTW, later this week, I should have a few more animal classes to post to the blog. I'm continuing to collect the BX/LL animal classes into one volume for later release tentatively titled the Animal Class Codex. This will hopefully be accompanied by a sister BX/LL volume called the Character Class Codex which will include the various classes from the zines (the völva, the chroniclist, the satyr & faun, amd the wenwet), along with the beastmaster that appeared on this blog, and a few BX/LL NPC classes I've been working on in the "background" (a scribe and an alchemist, and possibly a sage). There's also an outside possibility this latter volume will include a couple of others (yet to be revealed).

BX DM Screen
I actually finished laying this out a couple of weeks ago, but I need to sit down for a few dedicated rounds of proofreading. With any luck, the kickstarter for this will be launching early October. There are going to be a lot of little extras as part of this, but will reveal all that later.


  1. This is all too good to be true. I've always wanted a B/X DM screen.

  2. I just bought (and reviewed) your Creature Compendium so I started nosing around your site and found this - I desperately would love a BX DM Screen and would throw all kinds of stupid money at a Kickstarter just to support it! Pull the trigger man, pull it