Sunday, September 28, 2014

BX Psionics Playtest Signup

Many will heed the call. Few will be chosen.

Send your answers to the following questions to:
(Feel free to copy and paste the text below)

There are no wrong answers to any questions (be truthful). I'm seeking all types.

Your name (that you go by):

Your name as you'd like it to appear in credits:

Your primary game edition (choose one of the following)
OD&D -or- Swords & Wizardry -or- BX D&D -or- Labyrinth Lord -or- AD&D -or- OSRIC?

How familiar are you with BX D&D (including BECMI but not Labyrinth Lord)?

How familiar are you with Labyrinth Lord (including AEC, but not including BX or BECMI D&D)?

Have you have used psionics in D&D before?
(If yes, which editions?)

Do you have a group already assembled that you plan to include on playtesting of these rules?
(If yes, how many in group?)

Which of the following playtesting scenarios
will you be able to perform over the next few weeks?
(Choose all that apply: launch a new campaign, incorporate into existing campaign,
one-off adventuring, just want to run some combat scenarios)?

How many hours a week can you REASONABLY and TRUTHFULLY
spend playtesting over the next 3-4 weeks
(not including any time required to read or become familiar with the rules)?

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